Cryptocurrency security: someone needs to audit it

Securing new cryptocurrency may soon become just as important as securing people’s identities, cybersecurity expert Tyler Clark-Smith warned. “The biggest threat to the future of crypto isn’t you and... Read more »

Reinsurance costs discussed for next year

Colorado’s highly praised reinsurance program — credited with drastically decreasing medical coverage costs one year from now for individuals who buy inclusion all alone — could cost as much... Read more »

Devoted Reinsurance Capital: First Half 2019

With most of 2019 reinsurance restorations presently complete, the effect of critical disaster action has advanced from a year prior. Capital inflow levels and hazard hungers are reacting in... Read more »

Energy and Chemical Reinsurance – Implications

Spreads of energy and chemical non-life Reinsurance types, as exemplified by the Energy Financial Instruments (EFIs), have come in the last few months, after years of rising prices. And,... Read more »

Why crypto is a great investment ?

A two-month-old investment trend has turned cryptocurrencies into mainstream and investors have flocked to buy the tokens in order to make money. As a result, bitcoin – the most... Read more »

Colorado’s reinsurance program reduces healthcare premiums

Colorado’s proposed reinsurance program has been approved by federal officials. The governor’s office says that the program could cut healthcare premiums by an average of 18 percent for state... Read more »

Blockchain solutions in Reinsurance

Blockchain technology can be used to create a new system for reinsurance or agency contracts, allowing reinsurers to decentralize their finances by creating a “peer-to-peer” banking system by swapping... Read more »

After WizzAir indicated possible data breach should all insurance policies have cyber insurance coverages?

According to recent posts on social media, the Hungarian lowcost airline WizzAir indicates a possible data breach. In the past few hours WizzAir’s customers got an email letter warning... Read more »
Types of Reinsruance

Types of Reinsurance

Government bailouts and limit-bearers have made the reinsurance industry something of a financial black hole for risk managers. Many companies face hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. The... Read more »

Climate Change, risk to Reinsurance companies

Reinsurance companies face significant potential risks related to the effects of climate change, particularly in the European and Asian regions, according to new research from Munich Re. The reinsurer’s... Read more »