Hello world! Reinsurance Weekly promises fresh news from the industry

Hello from the team of Reinsurance Weekly! Our team is super excited to grow into becoming one of the insurance industry best news sites.

Reinsurance Weekly will bring you: the most important news from the industry, showcase financial results and analysis of the industry.

On the opening ceremony the President of the board of the Insurance Supervision Agency of Macedonia Mr. Poposki said: “Reinsurance has never been in more challenging shape. With the advent of the European Union’s Solvency II regulations, some firms are being forced to put off long-awaited investments in new technology and working capital, in an industry that is already subject to the upward pressure on pricing. From a business perspective, in the short term, the market has been hit by the claims from natural catastrophes.”

Stefan Miteski from Systems for Enterprise have stated: “Smart reinsurance strategies within the insurance industry can bring to big changes in the profit margins. Usually the Reinsurance departments have small teams and their importance can be easily neglected. With new challenges on the horizon the insurance companies have to optimize their portfolio. While CEOs recognize the need to boost their reinsurance efforts, they sometimes lack a clear understanding of the most effective approach to doing so. We have decided to start this publication to increase the importance of the reinsurance sector within the insurance companies”

With strong foundations being paved Reinsurance Weekly will be focused on its role as a broker of information about the sector.

Hello from Reinsurance Weekly

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