Types of Reinsruance

Types of Reinsurance

Government bailouts and limit-bearers have made the reinsurance industry something of a financial black hole for risk managers. Many companies face hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. The... Read more »

Reinsurance of Travel Insurance

The reality is that the majority of travel insurance choices can reduce or even offset your travel insurance expenses. Whether it’s a few bucks a day or hundreds a... Read more »
Reasons for reinsruance

Reasons for Reinsuring

You may ask – Why reinsure? Is my risk reinsured? Should I care? How does reinsurance benefit the insurer? One of the best ways of handling risk is to... Read more »
Optimizing reinsruance

Optimazing Reinsurance can save millions

Optimizing Reinsurance is one of the most difficult business tasks in the insurance business. Just a tiny tweak towards optimal reinsurance can save millions. Read more »
History of insurance

History of insurance – what do you know?

The history of insurance is as old as time. People cared about Risk from earliest times. The ancient Chinese and Babylonian traders initiated the first methods of transferring and... Read more »

What is Reinsurance?

How does Reinsurance work? What is Reinsurer? How does reinsurance benefit the Insurer? What does reinsurance mean? what is reinsurance brokerage? To answer all these questions, explain reinsurance and... Read more »
School of Reinsurance - Facultative vs Reinsurance Treaty

Facultative and treaty reinsurance – the differences

As the individuals pay for risk transfer in the everyday life the insurance companies do it too. When they do not posses financial capacity for covering the mathematically expected... Read more »