Colorado’s reinsurance program reduces healthcare premiums

Colorado’s proposed reinsurance program has been approved by federal officials. The governor’s office says that the program could cut healthcare premiums by an average of 18 percent for state... Read more »

Blockchain solutions in Reinsurance

Blockchain technology can be used to create a new system for reinsurance or agency contracts, allowing reinsurers to decentralize their finances by creating a “peer-to-peer” banking system by swapping... Read more »

After WizzAir indicated possible data breach should all insurance policies have cyber insurance coverages?

According to recent posts on social media, the Hungarian lowcost airline WizzAir indicates a possible data breach. In the past few hours WizzAir’s customers got an email letter warning... Read more »

Climate Change, risk to Reinsurance companies

Reinsurance companies face significant potential risks related to the effects of climate change, particularly in the European and Asian regions, according to new research from Munich Re. The reinsurer’s... Read more »

The rise of AI Reinsurance

Everything is being automated today, that is the way of the future. But if you’re not careful, this automation will eventually lead to little bit of unemployment. In this... Read more »
Optimizing reinsruance

Optimazing Reinsurance can save millions

Optimizing Reinsurance is one of the most difficult business tasks in the insurance business. Just a tiny tweak towards optimal reinsurance can save millions. Read more »
Hedge Fund Reinsurers

Tangency Capital grows to $265 million

Hurricane season start speeds up hedge fund growth A further $165 million has been raised by the Tangency Capital Hedge Fund. These funds will be used as investment in... Read more »

Willis Re: Reinurers Trend to Pricing

The July 2019 reinsurance renewal season will feature “tangible pricing momentum,” according to a new report from Willis Re. Willis Re noted that the segment’s third-quarter net premiums written... Read more »

Swiss Re appoints new chief executive for Asia reinsurance

Swiss Re said it has appointed Tom Fulton as chief executive for Asia Pacific for the company’s reinsurance business. Fulton joined Swiss Re in 2007 as a member of... Read more »

Reinsurance Cycle Moves A Bit Further

Reinsurance cycles are no longer stuck at their lowest levels since 2009, according to Barclays. Reinsurance pricing is now fairly correlated to “roughly 5-year historical averages”. Morgan Stanley analysts... Read more »